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RB507-0124 Charoite - Handcrafted Rollerball Pen

RB507-0124 Charoite - Handcrafted Rollerball Pen

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Experience the exquisite craftsmanship of the RB507-0124 Charoite TruStone on this fantastic  potable Handcrafted Rollerball Pen!

This stunning pen is made with TruStone, a combination of real stone powder and acrylic resin, mixed to mimic the actual stone! The pen features Rhodium with Gold accents for a luxurious look. The Charoite body has unique pattern swirls for the unique and one of a kind look! Its perfect balance make for a smooth, comfortable writing experience, while the Schmidt 5888 fine tip refill gives refined results.

Easily replace the refill simply by unscrewing either end of the pen body.

Enjoy the unique beauty of TruStone today!



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