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RB506-0124 Amboyna Burl - Handcrafted Rollerball Pen

RB506-0124 Amboyna Burl - Handcrafted Rollerball Pen

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This beautiful and well balanced handcrafted pen is made with exotic Amboynya Burl.  A beautiful, dark burl with lots of eyes and swirls in the grain! Amboyna Burl is a rare and exotic wood native to the land of Thailand.  It is a very dense, hard wood that takes a beautiful finish.  

Amboyna Burls are from the Curly Narra or Red Narra tree. The heartwood varies from light yellow, through golden brown to brick red in color and has a characteristic odor. The grain in Amboyna is wavy, interlocked or crossed and these irregularities give rise to mottle, fiddleback, ripple and curly effects of figure. The more red the Amboyna wood, the heavier it is. It is a very durable and highly decorative wood.

This is a postable and extremely well balanced and very comfortable to hold and write pen - a real pleasure. The beauty of the pen may distract you from your writing and will certainly get admiring looks. The beautiful Amboyna Burl body is matched, for a distinguished look, with Rhodium plating and gold accents. The balance, feel and smooth writing make this pen a pleasure to own and use.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

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