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RB500-1023 FallTime - Handcrafted Rollerball/Fountain Pen

RB500-1023 FallTime - Handcrafted Rollerball/Fountain Pen

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Experience the ultimate in quality and beauty with RB500-1023 FallTime - a handcrafted rollerball/fountain pen made with vibrant, eye-catching fall colors. The body of this pen is meticulously crafted with shimmering resin and durable chrome plating to ensure long-lasting use. The result is a stunning writing instrument that will capture the attention of all who see it!

Indulge in the elegant and stately design of this handcrafted writing instrument, complete with a magnetized cap for a secure and instant post on either end. Experience a smooth and solid writing experience with the long barrel, while the convenient spring clip adds practicality. The sleek profile with a wider top and narrower bottom exudes sophistication and class. Wow your senses with this captivating pen.

Experience the ultimate convenience with the RB500-1023 FallTime - Handcrafted Rollerball/Fountain Pen. This pen seamlessly transitions between rollerball and fountain pen sections with a simple unscrewing and replacement of the writing tip. Both styles are thoughtfully included with the pen, providing endless possibilities for your writing needs.


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