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RB492-0923 Whitetail Antler - Handcrafted Rollerball Pen

RB492-0923 Whitetail Antler - Handcrafted Rollerball Pen

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If you are looking for that very unique, one of a kind "closed end" handcrafted rollerball - this is it! Closed end means it was made without metal components on one end!  

The body of the pen is made from Whitetail Deer Antler.  I decided to make a pen using the tip of the antler rather than just a pice for the body!  It definitely produces a unique and different pen. With the curve on the end of the antler, turning this to the correct dimensions on the lathe was an interesting experience!!

The pen is just a little over 8" long but is a super balanced and comfortable one to write with.  Note the two pictures holding the pen!

 The metal components are rhodium plated with black titanium center band and cap finial.

If you like antler you gotta get this pen!

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