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FP154 Irish Bog Oak Gold and Sterling Silver - Handcrafted Fountain Pen

FP154 Irish Bog Oak Gold and Sterling Silver - Handcrafted Fountain Pen

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Heritage Fountain Pen

If you are looking for that very unique, one of a kind handcrafted fountain pen - this is it! This great fountain penl comes with Ancient Irish Bog Oak body. Irish Bog Oak is an incredible wood and a rare form of timber that is unique to the bogs of Ireland. The timber has been preserved from decay because of the anaerobic and acidic conditions within the bog. Bog oak was preserved in the bog, reclaimed and scientifically dated to be approximately 5000 years old. The chemicals in the bog turn the oak a dark black color. But look closely - you can see some tan coloring in the oak grain! Truly a one of a kind pen!

The Heritage is a true collector's item. The beautiful and well balnced pen is an owner's delight! The Non-Postable screw top with Titanium Gold and Sterling Silver accents create an exquisite look and feel that is sure to draw attention and give great writing pleasure. The sculptured fittings are representations of grapes and grape leaves. The pen comes with #6 Schmidt Iridium tipped steel nib for effortless, smooth writing.

This pen is non-postable. Because of its size, this pen's cap is not designed to fit on the end of the pen during use!

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