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FP176-0424 Spalted Hackberry - Handcrafted FountainPen

FP176-0424 Spalted Hackberry - Handcrafted FountainPen

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This beautiful and well balanced handcrafted pen is made with beautiful spalted Hackberry!  A beautiful and unique wood with lots of figure and the spalted lines create a very unique pattern in the wood!  A great example of a beautiful piece of Hackberry!  Hackberry (C. occidentalis) is a large native hardwood tree found commonly on river terraces and floodplains in southern and central Minnesota.

This pen is postable and extremely well balanced and very comfortable to hold and write pen - a real pleasure. The beauty of the pen may distract you from your writing and will certainly garner admiring looks. The Hackberry body is matched for that outstanding look with slick chrome accents. The balance, feel and smooth writing will make this pen a pleasure to own and use.

Don't hesitate because I believe this one will be snapped up quickly!

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