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BP432-1221 Burgundy Black Swirl - Handcrafted Ballpoint Pen

BP432-1221 Burgundy Black Swirl - Handcrafted Ballpoint Pen

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This beautiful and well balanced ballpoint is made with deep Burgundy and black swirl resin! The light sparkles off the pen! The beautiful body is matched, for a distinguished look, with black titanium and platinum accent plating.

The balance, feel and smooth writing make this pen a pleasure to own and use. It is a pen of distinction and will gain admiring glances and questions!

The pen uses a Parker style refill and comes equipped with a Schmidt P900 refill.

Writing with this luxurious pen is a sheer pleasure; you'll feel the distinctive balance in your hand, and glide your way to beautiful, effortless handwriting. Enjoy the confidence that comes with using a pen crafted with the most exquisite materials.

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