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BP518-1023 Black & White Mokume - Handcrafted Ballpoint Pen

BP518-1023 Black & White Mokume - Handcrafted Ballpoint Pen

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This great ballpoint pen is made with beautiful Black & White Mokume. Truly a beautiful pen.

Experience the excellence of writing with this Black & White Mokume Ballpoint Pen. Every detail of this beautifully handcrafted pen has been thoughtfully designed to provide a luxurious writing experience. From its perfect balance to mesmerizing Mokume pattern swirls, the pen looks as extraordinary as it feels. Features Chrome and Satin Chrome accents, plus macro molecular metal (M3) body for superior strength and impact-resistance. 

This amazing material combines real metals in a resin binder to produce beautiful products that are can be machined and polished. The manufacturer of these blanks  takes the original M3 to the next level by swapping out the polyester based resin formula with a urethane based formula for increased strength and impact resistance. 


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