Collection: Historical

Historical Pens: You can literally have history at your finger-tips! My commemorative and historic pens are made from wood that holds historical significance and tells a story. I have custom pen designs crafted with the wood from historically certified trees Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe as well as pens made with other Story Woods. Contact me to make one for you!

Commemorative Pens: From events big and small, as people we’re always looking to find ways to commemorate our favorite moments and our favorite hobbies. My commemorative and historic pens are all made for special occasions and often from materials provided by you, the customer. Similar to the custom pen designs listed below, I can make commemorate pens for those special moments in your life. There’s no need to worry that your provided materials might be used by another customer as I only use leftover materials with your permission. If you are interested in a commemorative pen or would like to find out more about these pens contact me using the Contact Me link or