About Us

I am Keith, the Founder and Artist of The TurningByrd Pen Studio! I've been involved with woodworking and furniture making since my youth. Several years ago I received a beautiful set of antique lathe tools, many of which were made in Massachusetts prior to 1854. These tools inspired me to branch out and learn various "turning" techniques on many types of materials. My son eventually talked me into making a pen for him from a piece of family story wood. I did, I was hooked and the idea for the The TurningByrd Pen Studio was born!

I enjoy sourcing unique materials from around the world, and discovering the nuances of each piece as I craft it into a precision writing instrument. There is a thrill in creating something custom and unique, with such practical value. I find great pleasure in making these pieces, and will happily also use materials from you to craft your writing instrument. I have made pens with wood from an old family barn, wood from an historic elementary school, with antler commemorating a first hunt, and from wood directly associated with America’s first and third presidents. I encourage you to explore these amazing writing instruments on my website. Please do not hesitate to call me with any special ideas or requests.   I am sure that I can create something unique and special just for you!